GroupGets’ Teledyne FLIR Lepton FS module sells for half the price of FLIR thermal cameras

GroupGets’ Teledyne FLIR Lepton FS module sells for half the price of FLIR thermal cameras

We all know that getting thermal cameras that are based on FLIR Lepton modules can really be much of a budget to plan for if you’re considering getting one. This is why we are excited to introduce to you a new cost-effective solution called the Teledyne FLIR Lepton FS module – a non-radiometric 160 x 120 resolution micro thermal camera module that sells for about half the price of an ordinary FLIR thermal camera module.

“Just as we were the first place to get FLIR Lepton seven years ago, we are bringing this new Lepton to you first at a highly compelling price to make your thermal imaging application more economically viable,”

writes GroupGets, the platform behind this project.

Currently, the Lepton FS module which sells for $99, costs the lowest in the Lepton family. This was achieved by notably reducing the thermal sensitivity, scene dynamic range, and up to 3% inoperable pixels. If you need an imager and not a radiometric sensor, these specs will just be very good and worth your money.

“These units balance performance and price, enabling monitoring applications where radiometry is not required and pixel-level image information is less important than broad thermal data,”

the company added.

Key Features and Specifications of the FLIR Lepton FS Module Include:

  • Sensor technology: Uncooled VOx microbolometer
  • Spectral range: Longwave infrared, 8 μm to 14 μm
  • Array format: 160 x 120, progressive scan
  • Pixel size of 12 μm
  • Effective frame rate of 8.7 Hz
  • Thermal sensitivity: <75mK NEdt
  • Operability
    • Number of non-defective pixels is 97%
    • Temperature compensation is automatic, and,
    • Output image is independent of camera temperature.
  • Non-uniformity corrections: Integral Shutter
  • Scene dynamic range
    • High Gain Mode: -10 ~ 140°C typical
    • Low Gain Mode: -10 ~ 350°C typical
  • Image optimization: Factory configured and fully automated
  • FOV:
    • horizontal: 57°
    • diagonal: 71°
  • Lens Type: f/1.1
  • Output format: User-selectable 14-bit, 8-bit (AGC applied), or 24-bit RGB (AGC and colorization applied)
  • Integral solar protection
  • Host interfaces: SPI for video data, CCI (I2C-like) for control
  • Input supply voltage: 2.8 V, 1.2 V, 2.5 V to 3.1 VIO
  • Power consumption:
    • 150 mW operating
    • 650 mW during shutter event
    • 5 mW in standby mode
  • Temperature Range:
    • Operating: -10C ~ +65C
    • Storage: -40 C ~ +80 C
  • Dimensions: 11.50 mm x 12.70 mm x 6.84 mm
  • Weight: 0.91g
  • Shock: 1500 G @ 0.4 ms

Application Scenarios:

The Lepton FS module is suitable for a number of applications in fields like smart home and building automation, heat occupancy sensing, and security/location monitoring. It offers integrators the appropriate thermal capability for various innovative thermal monitoring products.

The FLIR Lepton FS currently sells on GroupGets for $99 with shipping.

Other useful details can also be found on the GroupGets page.

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