M5Stack’s New Cost-effective ‘plug-and-play’ ESP32 miniature module – STAMP PICO

M5Stack’s New Cost-effective ‘plug-and-play’ ESP32 miniature module – STAMP PICO

STAMP PICO features an ultra-compact design with two low-power Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 microprocessors at 240MHz on a PCB as tiny and delicate as a postage stamp.

It is ideal for any space-constrained or battery-powered devices such as wearables, home automation, smart sensors, and other IoT devices.

  1. MULTIPLE STYLE: 5 options of installation, means endless possibilities! (SMT, DIP, flywire, Grove interface), with a high-temperature resistant plastic shell, 3D antenna and components can be better protected.
  2. LOW-CODE DEVELOPMENT: STAMP PICO supports UIFlow graphical programming platform, scripting-free, cloud push; and fully compatible with Arduino, MicroPython, ESP32-IDF, and other mainstream development platforms to quickly build various applications.
  3. HIGH INTEGRATION: STAMP PICO contains 5V->3.3V DC/DC design, GPIOx12, programmable RGB LED x1, button x1, finely tuned RF circuit, providing stable and reliable wireless communication.
  4. STRONG EXPANDABILITY: Easy access to M5Stack’s hardware and software ecology system: a wealth of sensors, actuators, functional modules, and accessories to choose from, Extremely fast adaptation.

Product Features

  • Chip-set: ESP32-PICO-D4 (2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual mode)
  • Support UIFlow graphical programming
  • Support multiple installation style (SMT, DIP, fly-by-wire)
  • Integrated programmable RGB LED and button
  • Miniature in size



  • Instrumentation
  • Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring/Control
  • Smart Home
  • Color LED Control
  • Fire/security intelligent integrated management
  • Smart Card Terminal
  • Wireless POS

Program Download

  • STAMP PICO adopts the most streamlined circuit design, so it does not include the program download circuit. Users can choose M5Stamp Pico DIY Kit to download the program.
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The M5Stamp Pico costs $5.00 USD each and comes packaged Tape & Reel (T&R) with the plastic shell on the PCB. The shell is a high temperature plastic that can survive the 235-250 deg. Celsius peak reflow profile. See the hardware documentation with schematic and reflow profile here:

* STAMP-PICO, SKU:C050-B, K051, K051-B [HW Documentation]


These modules aren’t really “plug-and-play” IMO. You can’t program them without a $4.95 “ESP32 Downloader Kit” (link below), which seems perpetually out-of-stock. But the ESP32 Downloader is just a USB/UART at heart plus a handful of small parts. If you have a generic USB/UART laying around and some junk box parts, or better-yet a spare ESP32/ESP8266 or other USB-enabled 3.3V microcontroller (e.g. blue/black pill) programmed as a bare ESP32 programmer, you should be able to program these M5Stamp Pico modules. The ESP32 Downloader hardware documentation with schematic can be found here:

* ESP32 Downloader Kit, SKU:A105


You can buy a crazy expensive $15.95 M5Stamp Pico DIY Kit (link below), that comes with one $5.00 M5Stamp Pico and one $4.95 ESP32 Downloader, plus a few more little bits and pieces. The problem with the M5Stamp Pico DIY Kit besides the price is that it is also out-of-stock.

This whole ESP32 Downloader Kit complication that M5Stack created is nuts. Instead of selling a $4.95 ESP32 Downloader Kit that nobody can buy, why doesn’t M5Stack just sell a $5.00 M5Stamp Pico PCB pre-programmed to program other M5Stamp Pico modules?

—-[Some M5Stamp Pico Buying Options]—-

* M5Stamp Pico Mate with Pin Headers, SKU:K051, $5.00


* M5Stamp Pico DIY Kit, SKU:K051-B, $15.95 [Out of Stock]


* M5Stamp Pico (5pcs), SKU:C050-B, $23.90 ($4.78 ea.) [Out of Stock]


* ESP32 Downloader Kit, SKU:A105, $4.95 [Out of Stock]



* M5Stamp Pico Mate with Pin Headers, K051, $5.38 [92 In Stock]


* M5Stamp Pico DIY Kit, K051-B, $15.95 [Out of Stock]


Keith Suddick

Another alternative to the Downloader Kit is the ESP-01 Helper which although designed with in-circuit development using the ESP-01 in mind, will happily program and provide serial comms with other ESP8266 and ESP32 based boards including the Pico. For full disclosure I designed and sell the ESP-01 Helper through my Ebid store: https://www.ebid.net/uk/stores/sudsco-electronics

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