MAX16163/MAX16164 nanoPower On/Off Controller

MAX16163/MAX16164 nanoPower On/Off Controller


Maxim’s MAX16163 and MAX16164 nanoPower on/off controllers with programmable sleep time extend battery life up to 60%

Maxim’s MAX16163 and MAX16164 are nanoPower on/off controllers with programmable sleep time. The devices integrate a power switch to gate an output, which provides up to 200 mA load current.

The MAX16163 and MAX16164 use either an external resistor or an I2C bus to program the sleep time. When the device powers up, it checks the connection on the PB/SLP pin. If the resistance between the PB/SLP pin and ground is larger than 5.5 MΩ, the device is configured as I2C programmable. Otherwise, the device is configured as resistor programmable.

When the MAX16163 powers up, it measures the resistance on the PB/SLP pin to ground and sets the sleep time properly. It then asserts the OUT output. When the downstream device (e.g., a μC) finishes its task, it asserts a falling edge on the CLRB pin. The MAX16163 then deasserts OUT and the sleep timer starts. When the sleep timer expires, the MAX16163 asserts OUT again.

When the MAX16164 powers up, it measures the resistance on the PB/SLP pin to ground and sets the sleep time properly. It then keeps OUT deasserted and puts the device in shutdown state. The MAX16164 does not assert OUT until a pushbutton closure on the PB/SLP pin.

The MAX16163 and MAX16164 operate over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range and are available in a 1.54 mm x 1.11 mm, 6-bump thin wafer-level package (WLP) and a 6-pin μDFN package.

Block Diagram


  • Ultra-low current saves power
    • 30nA IQ in sleep timer state
    • 10 nA IQ in shutdown state
    • VCC range: 1.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Robust features increase end equipment reliability
    • Pushbutton input handles up to ±60 V
    • ±40 kV HBM ESD protection
  • Flexible configurations provide design options
    • I2C or resistor programmable sleep time
    • Interrupt output and clear input in resistor programmable configuration
    • Up to 32 different sleep time values from 100 ms to 24 hours, and infinite
    • Latched output supplies 200 mA load current with less than 30 mV drop

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