NANO²® High-Current Subminiature Fuse – 456SD Series

NANO²® High-Current Subminiature Fuse – 456SD Series


Littelfuse’s small sized, surface-mountable high-current fuse provides surge current protection.

Littelfuse’s 456SD series NANO² fuse is a small sized, surface-mountable high-current fuse which provides over current and excessive surge current protection for applications operating at high current in a limited space.

Such applications are mostly served today through a single large-sized high-current industrial type fuse or in some cases, parallel configuration of lower amperage SMD fuses. The 456SD 50 A series fuse gives the option of a single fuse solution for protection for such application requirements.


  • Available in ratings of 40 A to 50 A
  • High interrupting rating: 600 A at 75 VDC
  • Very low cold resistance, temperature rise, and voltage drop
  • High inrush/surge current withstand capability
  • Surface mountable high-current fuse
  • Single fuse solution for high-current applications
  • Suitable for a wide variety of voltage requirements and applications
  • Enhances power efficiency
  • Avoids nuisance opening due to high inrush and surge current inherent in the system
  • Compatible with high-volume assembly requirements


  • Voltage regulator module for PC servers
  • Cooling fan system for PC servers
  • Storage system power
  • Base-station power supplies
  • Power tools

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