New LAMBDA LoRa module series achieve 22km+ range

New LAMBDA LoRa module series achieve 22km+ range

The new LAMBDA series of RF modules have been introduced as part of the LoRa collection at RF Solutions; LAMBDA62 and LAMBDA80.

The LAMBDA modules incorporate the impressive Semtech SX1262 and SX1280 LoRa, providing ultra-long range. Spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity within minimal current consumption, provides an extremely high performance and cost-effective transceiver module.

Available as 868MHz, the LAMBDA62 has an integrated LoRa modem that features a huge 22km+ range of operation (line of sight). This sensitive, powerful module draws a low current and includes crystal, RF changeover switch, impedance matching network and track layout; providing a simple digital interface and direct antenna connection. This enables an easy plug in RF solution with maximum efficiency.

The LAMBDA80, Semtech SX1280 operates at the only worldwide acceptable 2.4GHz band, enabling the user to achieve a higher board rate allowing the model to be up to 6 times as fast.

Two versions of these transceiver modules are currently available, open or with screen can fitted. Programming of the module is via SPI Interface. The modules are RED CE certified, with FFC certification currently in process of being completed.

These new modules can be used for a variety of applications; RF alarms, sensor networks, meter readings, building control and automation and agricultural applications.

RF Solutions Ltd is UK Manufacturer and now is the largest supplier of RF Remote Controls and RF Telemetry systems, in the UK, continually working on the next generation and striving to be the leader in RF technology.

For more information on the LAMBDA transceiver modules, visit and view the detailed datasheets available.

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