Oak Dev Tech’s Low-Power IcyBlue FPGA Feather Development Board

Oak Dev Tech’s Low-Power IcyBlue FPGA Feather Development Board

With the help of this exclusive IcyBlue FPGA feather developed by OAK DEV TECH, it is simple to launch an FPGA development project using powerful and dependable ICE5LP4K FPGA from Lattice Semiconductor. The ICE5LP4K includes two hardware I2C and SPI blocks, a bright RGB LED, two user LEDS, and 22 user-accessible GPIO that can be accessed through the headers on the feather board.

A Low Power FPGA Development Board

The IcyBlue Feather is an FPGA development board that features a user-friendly interface and a conventional form factor. This FPGA has low power and was developed specifically for mobile and other applications that are power conscious. IcyBlue offers a user interface that is simple to program through the use of an FTDI FT232H USB to FIFO bridge. This interface may be used to either program the FPGA directly in the IcyBlue base model or an SPI FLASH chip on the board that is meant for permanent project deployment.

As mentioned, users may easily program the onboard SPI FLASH with bitstream hex or bin files by utilizing an FTDI FT232HQ USB FIFO bridge, which makes programming simple and easy to accomplish. This board may now be used with both open source tools such as icestorm and proprietary tools such as the Diamond Programmer, which is offered by Lattice Semiconductor. This compatibility is made possible by the FT232HQ.


  • 3520 LUTs / 440 LABs
  • Built-in USB FIFO Bridge via FT232H
  • I/O Interface: 22 X GPIO
  • Others: 1 x Bright RGB LED
    -2 x User LEDs
  • Power: LiPo Battery Charging for 1S LiPo Batteries
  • 2x Hardened SPI IP Cores
  • 2x Hardened I2C IP Cores

This project is mobile and powered by a battery thanks to Adafruit’s feather form factor, which was developed for the project. This is especially helpful for building FPGA projects while on the go and for mobile deployments of those projects.

The IcyBlue Feather delivers a strong and capable yet compact FPGA to the workstation, regardless of developing an FPGA for the first time or being a seasoned professional in the field.

Purchase Information

IcyBlue Feather – The ICE5LP4K Feather Development Board can be preordered for $69.95 from the OAK DEV TECH. On the product website, it is stated that the price of preorders has been lowered for a limited time in order to make the board available to a greater number of individuals. In addition to this, it adds that the product photo that is now being displayed is a prototype and that the final product will be blue with a white solder mask.

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