ODROID-H2+ SBC Features Celeron J4115 Processor Upgrade, and Dual 2.5GbE Networking Ports

ODROID-H2+ SBC Features Celeron J4115 Processor Upgrade, and Dual 2.5GbE Networking Ports


In November 2018, Hrdkernel announced the  ODROID H2 as a “new generation of single-board computers.” However, despite its success, they could not ship enough of them to satisfy the demand due to the Intel Gemini Lake J4105 CPU supply shortage. Due to the shortage of the ODROID H2, the Odriod-H2+ was introduced, which has a slightly faster CPU, and will ship in large volume, and also has a pair of much faster 2.5GbE Ethernet ports. Intel started early this year to offer a slightly modified chip called the J4115, and the Odroid-H2+ runs Ubuntu on the quad-core J4115. Hardkernel says:

“We therefore expect that most of the existing parts supply problems to be resolved.”

Hardkernel says:

“Beyond the CPU update, we upgraded the Ethernet controllers and RJ45 jacks to support much faster 2.5 GbE networks. The new NIC chipset RTL8125B requires users to proceed with a manual driver installation since the upstream kernel still needs a patch. We have also increased the number of GPIO pins from 20 to 24 to add USB 2.0 and HDMI CEC signals. If you want to use the CEC function, you need to buy a 3rd party CEC adapter board.” They continue “Finally we also changed the 12V SATA power circuit to improve the suspend-resume power control sequence of 3.5” HDDs.”


ODROID H2+ Board view

The Intel J4115 clocks at 1.8GHz, and offers a Turbo Boost speed of up to 2.5GHz or 2.3GHz in multi-thread mode. This is a huge difference from the earlier J4105 that clocked at 1.5GHz/2.3GHz when the H2 was launched. The J4115 offers Intel UHD Graphics 600 and a 10W TDP, just like the J4105. The SBC is compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 image, Linux distros, and Windows 10.

Hardkernel says:

“We decided to call this new iteration of the H2 the ODROID H2+ (ODROID H2-plus). Accordingly the board revision code is REV-B+ (while the previous production batch was REV-B).” They continue “The additions described above being put aside the H2 and H2+ are 100% forward hardware and software compatible, including the same board size and overall configuration. Everything you do on the H2 from a hardware viewpoint can be done exactly the same way on the H2+, including converting the M.2 NVMe slot to PCIe2 x4 with a 3rd party adapter cable, connecting the H2+ to a 1 Gbe or 2.5 Gbe switch or other SBC or PC NIC, using the GPIO, etc. The ODROID H2+ just happens to offer more!”

The last year’s RevB model featured some upgrades to the PCIe-to-SATA bridge, SATA power, NVMe I/O, and BIOS. The upgrade is the major difference between the H2+ and the H2. The H2+ enables 2x SATA 3.0, HDMI and DP, 4x USB (2x 3.0), and an M.2 slot for NVMe storage. Additional features include an RTC and a heatsink that supports 70°C temperatures at full load. The Odroid-H2+ is available for $119 plus shipping without RAM, storage, or power adapter. “We hope you understand that the price increases from $111 to $119 due to the hardware components upgrades.” Says Hardkernel. They conclude “We expect to continuously manufacture the ODROID H2+ with no interruption of the CPU production from Intel.”

More information can be found on Hardkernel’s announcement and shopping page.

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