The PiWatcher – A watchdog for the Raspberry Pi

The PiWatcher – A watchdog for the Raspberry Pi


The PiWatcher is a very small board that helps you fully shut down or reboot a Raspberry Pi, in case of an incident or simply for power saving purposes. You can even program your PiWatcher to shut down and automatically reboot your Pi a few minutes or hours later. In essence, the PiWatcher is a programmable watchdog circuit for the Raspberry Pi, usable with the humble Pi Zero up to the power-hungry Pi 3.

The board must be fitted on the first 6 pins of the Raspberry GPIO header and plugged into a micro USB power supply suitable for the Raspberry Pi in use. The board will then switch on or off the power provided to the Raspberry Pi based on instructions it receives through I2C. The board also features a miniature tact switch to allow manual control.

The board is available on Tindie for purchase, and compatible with the Pi Zero, Pi 3 — you’ll just need to add the proper micro USB power supply!

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