STMicroelectronics ST25TV02KC/ST25TV512C RFID Transponders

STMicroelectronics ST25TV02KC/ST25TV512C RFID Transponders


STMicroelectronics ST25TV02KC/ST25TV512C RFID Transponders are NFC/RFID tag ICs that include ST’s state-of-the-art patented technology. The RFID Transponders provide an Augmented NDEF option, a tamper detection interface, and specific modes to protect customer privacy. The Augmented NDEF feature is a contextual automatic NDEF message service that allows the tag to respond with dynamic content without an explicit update of the EEPROM by the end-user. The tamper detection interface is only available on ST25TV02KC-T. This interface is not offered on the ST25TV02KC‑A and ST25TV512C devices.

The STM ST25TV02KC and ST25TV512C RFID Transponders hold a digital signature generated by TruST25 (a set of software and procedures) to prove the origin of the chip in cloning detection. This digital signature also embeds a configurable EEPROM with 60-year data retention and can be operated from a 13.56MHz long-range RFID reader or an NFC phone. The contactless interface complies with the ISO/IEC 15693 standard and NFC Forum Type 5 tag specification.


  • Contactless interface
    • Compliant with ISO/IEC 15693
    • NFC Forum Type 5 tag certified by the NFC Forum
    • Supports all ISO/IEC 15693 modulations, coding, subcarrier modes, and datarates up to 26Kbit/s
    • Single block reads and writes, multiple block reads
    • 23pF Internal tuning capacitance
  • Memory
    • Up to 2560-bits (320bytes) of EEPROM
    • Accessible by blocks of four bytes
    • Typical 5ms per block write time from RF
    • 60 Years at 55°C data retention
    • 100k Write cycles minimum endurance
    • 3-digit unique tap code
    • Augmented NDEF (contextual automatic NDEF message)
  • Data protection
    • User memory configurable in one or two areas:
      • Single area mode, access protectable by one 64-bit password
      • Flexible dual area mode, access protectable by two 32-bit passwords
    • System configuration: access protected by a 32-bit password
    • Permanent write lock of specific user area blocks
    • Temporary write lock at user area level
    • Permanent write lock of specific system configuration blocks
  • Product identification and protection
    • Password features of cover coding, recovery, failed attempt counter
    • Tamper detection capability with memorization of open/resealed events
    • TruST25 digital signature
  • Privacy
    • Configurable kill mode for permanent deactivation of the tag
    • Untraceable mode with configurable responsiveness
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
  • Package
    • 5-pin package, ECOPACK2 (RoHS compliant)
    • Bumped and sawn wafer

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