WellPCB Published a Guide on “PCB Gold Finger Then, Now & In The Future”

WellPCB Published a Guide on “PCB Gold Finger Then, Now & In The Future”


SHIJIAZHUANG, China, July 3, 2019 (Newswire.com) – WellPCB, a reliable PCB & PCBA service manufacturer and provider.

The publication is available on the https://www.wellpcb.com/pcb-gold-finger.html section of the company’s website for free.

Among the key subjects on PCB Gold Finger include:

  1. Gold Fingers PCBs: This section provides a brief overview of the definition of the gold fingerprinted circuit board and the reasons why the gold finger circuit board needs to be gold plated. It also introduces the two main gold plating types of the gold finger: Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), Hard plated Gold over Nickel.
  2. How Do You Make Gold Finger PCBs?: This section details the three aspects of making gold finger PCB : 2.1 Common gold plating involved steps: This section focuses on the three stages of Common gold plating. 2.2 Making other types of gold finger PCBs: This section mainly introduces two favorite kinds of PCB gold fingers: Unequally Sized Gold Finger PCBs, Making Segmented Gold Fingers, and the steps to make a segmented gold finger PCB. 2.3 Limitations of Gold Finger PCB Technology: This section describes the limitations of Goldfinger PCB technology in four aspects.
  3. Applications & Limitations of Gold Finger PCBs: This section mainly describes the technical implementation, and commercial use of the Golden Fingerprinted circuit board.
  4. Regulations, Guidelines & Standards: This section details the rules, guidelines, and standards for Gold Fingers PCBs.

Besides, The focus of this article is hope that your printed circuit board production is fully compliant with IPC standards, in an incredible bargain and timely delivery, please feel free to make an online PCB quote with us.

About WellPCB

WellPCB is focusing on PCB Prototype and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services.  All PCBs products are compliant to ISO, UL, IPC Standard.

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  • Contact Person: Hommer Zhao (General Manager)
  • Email: sales@wellpcb.com
  • Tel: +86-31186935221
  • Website: https://www.wellpcb.com
  • Source: WellPCB
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