XENSIV BGT60LTR11AIP Radar Shield2Go

XENSIV BGT60LTR11AIP Radar Shield2Go

Infineon’s super-low-power 60 GHz Doppler radar sensor includes antennas-in-package (AIP)

Infineon’s Radar Shield2Go can be used independently as a plug-in radar sensor (e.g., with Arduino form factor boards or another microcontroller) to detect motion and direction of motion by using only two GPIOs (TD and PD) in autonomous mode (default). The board comes with two potentiometers and switches, making it easy to adjust the four QS signals of the radar mechanically. The switches can be used to switch between autonomous and SPI modes.

The Shield2Go comes with castellated holes to ensure several connection styles. The Shield2Go family is recommended for use with Infineon’s XMC™ maker board series (e.g., XMC1100 Boot Kit, XMC1400 Arduino, XMC 2Go, and XMC4700 Relax Kit) or Arduino boards (e.g., Rev3 and MKR1000).

The BGT60LTR11AIP Shield2Go demonstrates the features of the BGT60LTR11AIP MMIC and gives the user a plug-and-play radar solution.

  • Easy motion and direction of motion detection of an object with only two GPIOs
  • Programmable in Arduino IDE and PlatformIO IDE (VSCode extension)
  • Configurable detection range from 0.5 m to 7 m
  • LEDs that blink when presence or movement direction is detected
  • Potentiometers and switches to adjust the settings of the radar (QS)
  • Super-small (48.8 mm x 23.9 mm) board design with Infineon’s Shield2Go format
  • 60 GHz transceiver BGT60LTR11AIP MMIC with one transmitter and one receiver unit

more information: https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/sensor/radar-sensors/radar-sensors-for-iot/60ghz-radar/bgt60ltr11aip/

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