Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces 18V 2A, and 3A EZBuck

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces 18V 2A, and 3A EZBuck

Synchronous DC/DC Buck Regulators Feature Lower Quiescent Current and Proprietary Light Load Mode to Achieve up to 6% Higher Efficiency in Standby Mode

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) introduced AOZ6682CI and AOZ6683CI. These devices are high efficiency, simple-to-use synchronous buck regulators. The AOZ6682CI and AOZ6683CI are both available in an ultra-thin, thermally enhanced TSOT23-6 package and deliver 2 A and 3 A output current, respectively. The new devices offer high efficiency over the full load range, allowing greener power conversion for a variety of consumer electronics applications such as LCD TVs, set-top boxes, high definition Blu-Ray™ Disc Players and Networking terminals.

The AOZ6682CI’s Efficiency vs Output Current. VIN = 12 V.

The new devices incorporate a low resistance synchronous buck power stage that enables up to 95% efficiency. Combined with a thermally enhanced package, the AOZ6682CI and AOZ6683CI achieve 10 °C cooler operation at full load compared to similar competing devices. Under heavy load conditions, the devices operate in a fixed frequency continuous-conduction mode (CCM). At light loads or in standby mode, the devices employ a proprietary pulse energy mode (PEM) control scheme. This control scheme and low quiescent current of 200 µA, allows the buck converter design to achieve industry-leading efficiencies of 89% at light loads.

Pricing and Availability

The AOZ6682CI and the AOZ6683CI are immediately available in production quantities with a lead time of 12 weeks. The unit price is $0.42 for the AOZ6682CI and $0.52 for the AOZ6683CI in 1000 pc quantities.

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