Analog Devices launch single-pair power over ethernet for smart building and factory automation

Analog Devices launch single-pair power over ethernet for smart building and factory automation

Analog Devices, a leading manufacturer of radio frequency embedded devices, has launched an industry-first single-pair power over ethernet power sourcing equipment and power device solutions to serve the growing demand for smart building, factory automation, and other intelligent edge applications. The new SPoE solution addresses the challenges of providing power and data to devices deployed in remote locations where it is difficult to access endpoint locations.

Analog Devices have developed the SPoE solution to help with a new class of endpoint applications that can be powered and accessed across the network. They are also used to assess local factors, such as asset health, environmental conditions, security metrics, etc. The company sees this as the building block to the new digital transformation of tomorrow.

“The intelligent edge is one of the most exciting developments of the digital era as computing power is pushed to previously inaccessible applications and locations,” said Leo McHugh, Vice president of industrial automation at Analog Devices.

Single-pair Power over Ethernet solves the problem of remote edge devices that require both power and data to perform their target function. This solution builds on the traditional Power over Ethernet and can be easily installed and maintained. SPoE, known as IEEE 802.3, can deliver power up to 1 kilometer and increase power delivery at shorter distances.

Analog Devices’ LTC4296-1 and LTC9111 reduce reliance on localized power and batteries by using a single twisted pair of Ethernet cables. According to the company, the solution provides efficient, reliable, and easily installed power at a reduced size and weight. When the new SPoE solution is combined with Analog Devices’ Chronous ADIN1100 and ADIN1110 10BASE-T1L, industrial Ethernet solutions, the user can reliably transfer both power and data over 1 kilometer.

“Analog Devices is committed to delivering the unrivaled technology and solutions our customers need to leverage the full potential of the intelligent edge in smart buildings and factories as well as many more applications in the future.”

For more information on the specific SPoE solution, head to the product page of LTC4296-1 and LTC9111.

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