AST3TDA and AST3TDA53 Ultra-Performance TCXO Series

AST3TDA and AST3TDA53 Ultra-Performance TCXO Series

Abracon’s precision SMD VC/TCXO devices are designed to meet emerging 5G infrastructure requirements

Abracon’s AST3TDA and AST3TDA53 temperature-controlled oscillator (TCXO) series deliver reliable, high-precision timing operation in compact form factors for emerging 5G applications facing increased performance demands and space constraints.

The AST3TDA and AST3TDA53 devices are ideal for meeting design requirements for 5G infrastructure applications such as macro base stations (AAU, DU/CU), small cells (micro, pico, femto), and Wi-Fi 6/6E networking.

Rising data capacity needs of connected, cloud-driven technology is propelling 5G network densification. These developing telecom and networking equipment require components that can support the heightened quality of service (QoS) demands over extended temperature operation while alleviating increased board space pressures.

The ultra-precision reference oscillators are designed to provide superior frequency stability performance (sub ±100 ppb) over wide operating temperatures (-40⁰C to +105⁰C) for emerging 5G-centric systems. Additionally, Abracon has optimally configured these solutions to simultaneously provide state-of-the-art, close-in phase noise performance. For example, the AST3TDA53 series exhibit ±280 ppb stability over temperature with better than -150 dBc/Hz @ 10kHz offset in a miniature 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm package. The AST3TDA series can sustain frequency stabilities as tight as ±50 ppb in a 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm x 2.2 mm package size.


  • Wide operating temperature range (-40ºC to +105ºC) with high stability options
  • Standard frequencies available: 10 MHz, 12.8 MHz, 16.384 MHz, 18.432 MHz, 19.2 MHz, 19.44 MHz, 20 MHz, 30.72 MHz, 38.88 MHz, 40 MHz, and 50 MHz
  • Most popular industry package sizes offered
  • CMOS or clipped sine wave output
  • Voltage controlled (VCTCXO) options available

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Abracon AST3TDATACJ5-10.0000MHZ VC/TCXO ±50ppb @ -40ºC to +105ºC, 15pF, 3.3V Clipped Sine, Vdd 3.3V @ 10 mA & 25° C, 7.0×5.0x2.2 mm, Qty.-1 $90.67 USD ea., Qty.-50 $84.04 USD ea., 50 Can Ship Today

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