Big digit 7-segment Clock using ATtiny3216

Big digit 7-segment Clock using ATtiny3216


This is a giant digital clock, featuring four large LED displays that provide the time in a format you can read from the other side of the room. by David Johnson-Davies:

This clock was inspired by some 2.3″ one-digit 7-segment displays I saw on AliExpress [1]. I decided it would be fun to have a clock that you can see clearly from a distance. The displays come in a variety of colours and voltages; I chose the red 4V versions so I could drive them directly from the microcontroller’s I/O lines without needing driver transistors. My displays are common-cathode, but a minor change to the program would make it work with common-anode displays.

Big digit 7-segment Clock using ATtiny3216 – [Link]

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