Camect: World’s Smartest, Most Private Camera Hub

Camect: World’s Smartest, Most Private Camera Hub


Monitor almost any brand of home security camera from anywhere. Local video storage & AI alerts.

Camect is the only easy, private, smart, and affordable security camera management system that lets you watch what matters most ON YOUR TERMS. Don’t be locked in to proprietary cameras—save on camera costs and high monthly fees! Footage is stored locally, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

  • Works with Most IP Cameras
  • Easy, Secure Access from Anywhere.
  • AI-Supported Smart Alerts
  • 1TB Expandable Storage
  • One-Plug Network Setup
  • Optional Cloud Backup

Camect supports about 24M of total camera resolution (e.g. 12 1080p cameras) of average scene complexity.

As Camect records, it applies video analysis to identify motion, a deep learning AI model to identify what’s moving, and your feedback to determine what’s interesting to you. This ensures it delivers the exact alerts you’re looking for.

Camect gets smarter when users choose to share feedback on videos. Providing video examples helps it learn, making it more accurate over time.

Camect adapts alerts based on advanced algorithms and your direct feedback. No more annoying, unneeded alerts – just incredibly accurate ones.

Camect can detect almost 20 more objects than the next most-advanced option, and we’re adding more all the time. writes:

Camect is not an open source hardware project, but it does offer a path toward hackability. The company has developed an API, which it it has used to implement an “experimental” integration with the Python-oriented Home Assistant home automation platform. Files are posted on GitHub, here and here.

The Camect is available on Indiegogo for another 14 days for $279 or $499 with a lifetime subscription with full Internet services. Otherwise, the subscription starts at $60 per year. More information may be found on the Camect Indiegogo page and Camect website.

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