Diodes Incorporated AP33771 USB PD Sink Controller

Diodes Incorporated AP33771 USB PD Sink Controller


Diodes Inc. AP33771 USB PD Sink Controller is a highly integrated USB Type-C™ PD3.0/PPS sink controller. The device is targeted for DC power requests and control for Type-C connector-equipped devices (TCD). To leverage the increasing popularity of standard Type-C PD3.0 power adaptors, the AP33771 negotiates with an existing PD3.0 adaptor to acquire the required power profile to supply the TCD.

Working its role as DC-power requests from USB PD sources, the Diodes Inc. AP33771 interprets power input requirements (voltage/current and maximum power) from the TCD. It then establishes a power link with an external USB PD3.0 adaptor to output a suitable DC power. The voltage requests are specified by three pins (VSEL2, VSEL1, VSEL0). Up to eight voltages can be selected, and both fixed PDO and PPS APDO in the PD source adapter is supported in the AP33771 search algorithm. Up to ten maximum power levels can also be selected through different resistance values of the resistor connected to the PSEL pin.

Rich power functions are embedded on the chip to reduce total BOM while maintaining maximum flexibility. A one-time-programmable (OTP) ROM is provided to store the PD/sink controller firmware.


  • Compliant with USB PD Rev. 3.0 v1.2
  • USB-IF certificated TID: 5000
  • Supports up to eight voltage selections by pin setting
  • Supports voltage selection with a dynamic pin setting
  • Supports power capability selection
  • Supports flash FAULT LED indication for negotiation mismatch
  • Supports OTP (One-Time-Programmable) for main firmware
  • Supports OVP with hard reset and auto restart
  • Supports driver for N-MOS VBUS power switch
  • Supports dead-battery mode
  • 3.3V to 24V operating voltage range
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant
  • Halogen and antimony free green device

Block Diagram

more information: https://www.diodes.com/assets/Datasheets/AP33771.pdf

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