ECM3532 AI Sensor Board

ECM3532 AI Sensor Board

Ultra Low Power Sensor Board for Artificial Intelligence at the Edge.

The ECM3532 AI Sensor board is an ultra-low power AI platform with sensors that can run many algorithms: sound classification, keyword spotting, activity classification, context awareness, defect detection and others.

It showcases the capabilities of the ECM3532 Neural Sensor Processor built with Eta Compute’s patented self-timed continuous voltage and frequency scaling technology (CVFS) producing the lowest energy for inference for machine learning algorithms.


  • 1.4 x1.4-inch board with sensors and ECM3532 Neural Sensor Processor
    • 2 x PDM MEMS Microphones: TDK-Invensense ICS-41350
    • 1 x Pressure/Temperature sensor: BOSCH BMP388
    • 1 x 6-axis MEMS Accel/Gyro: TDK-Invensense ICM-20602
  • Battery cradle for CR2032 battery
  • Bluetooth Low Energy on board: BLE v4.2: ABOV A31R118 and antenna
  • Extension for other types of RF through Micro SD card slot
  • 6 pin UART and power port
  • 64Mbit serial Flash for datalogging
  • 5 LEDs and push button

Getting Started

Users can best experience the versatility of the ECM3532 AI Sensor board in minutes by using Edge Impulse’s TinyML development pipeline and the 6 pin UART port.

See here for a tutorial how to use the board with Edge Impulse:

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