Infineon adds Shield2Go board for CO2 monitoring

Infineon adds Shield2Go board for CO2 monitoring

Infineon launches its XENSIV PAS CO2 Shield2Go evaluation board for CO2 monitoring, which supports both Arduino and Raspberry Pi development.

Infineon Technologies AG has launched the XENSIV PAS CO2 Shield2Go board for carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement. The evaluation board is suited for both air quality monitoring and demand-controlled ventilation for energy savings.

The board is part of the Infineon Shield2Go portfolio featuring sensors, microcontrollers, and security ICs that can be combined as part of an integrated prototyping concept. The new board allows developers to design a custom application with Arduino and Raspberry PI and comes with a ready-to-use Arduino library.

The XENSIV PAS CO2 Shield2Go board includes a DC/DC boost converter that supplies the sensor with the required 12-V power supply.

“In that way a 5-V supply, for instance via USB provided by a microcontroller board, is sufficient and allows prototyping without the need for an external 12-V power supply,” said Infineon.

Adapters from Shield2Go to the common prototyping form factors for Arduino Uno and Raspberry PI’s 40-pin interface are available to support quick start-up. All boards provide solderless connectors, allowing designers to stack the boards instead of soldering them.

The board also features the XENSIV PAS CO2 sensor with a small form factor, measuring 14 × 13.8 × 7.5 mm3 . The sensor offers high accuracy in the ppm range (±30 ppm ± 3 percent of reading), enabling it to meet the most stringent air quality regulations & standards, said Infineon. Other features include advanced algorithms for compensation and self-calibration, a variety of interfaces such as UART, I 2C, and PWM interfaces, as well as various configuration options, including sampling rate and baseline calibration.

The XENSIV PAS CO2 Shield2Go Board can be ordered now. Software libraries and examples for Arduino as well as a generic C++ library offering a high-level API for the board are available at

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