iWave Systems launch high-performance ARINC 818-2 Video Protocol Analyzer

iWave Systems launch high-performance ARINC 818-2 Video Protocol Analyzer


iWave Systems, a leading FPGA design house based in Bangalore has announced the launch of the ARINC 818-2 high-performance Video Protocol Analyzer for processing and analyzing the ADVB frames generated by any ARINC 818-2 based systems. ARINC 818 Avionics Digital Video Bus (ADVB) is used as a video transport protocol for high bandwidth, low latency, uncompressed digital video transmission (up to 4K) in modern avionics systems.

The VPA is powered by the Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA module that offers high-density logic, serial connectivity, memory, DSP and much more, providing higher-level system performance and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of ARINC 818-2 applications. Since FPGA can be reprogrammed, new features can constantly be added and fine-tuned to meet specific design requirements.

ARINC 818-2 VPA GUI Application

The ARINC 818-2 Video Protocol Analyser is an excellent troubleshooting tool that helps to quickly detect and rectify errors in the ARINC 818-2 applications, simultaneously ensuring compliance of the system with the ARINC 818-2 standards.

The FPGA logic effectively captures and decodes the incoming ADVB packets. GUI application running on host PC displays the captured sample data for detailed analysis. Key fields covered by the GUI app include saving captured data, opening captured data, trigger data and trigger setup. The application provides elaborate details of all the frames captured during trigger including word offset, each byte, data field, status, container details and container statistics

Key features of ARINC 818-2 Video Protocol Analyzer

  • Fully compliant with ARINC 818-2 standards
  • Supports FC 1x, FC 2x, FC 3x and FC 4x rates
  • Supports progressive video, up to Full HD @ 60fps
  • Capture raw data of 2MB Size

Multiple Trigger modes:

  • Immediate dummy trigger
  • Trigger @ various order set like Sofi/n, IDLE, EOFt/n
  • Trigger @ various errors like CRC error/Payload error/SYNC lost error etc…

Two different modes supported:

  • Raw data capture: Capture raw ARINC818 data, analyze and display the container header, Frame header & other ARINC818 packet details to analyze the ARINC818 data
  • Video frame capture: Capture the ARINC818 to Video frame converted image and display
  • Status Indication: Link Speed, Video Resolution, Video Timing, etc.

iWave’s ARINC 818-2 VPA offers an innovative way to quickly solve complex ARINC 818-2 application issues by providing elaborate details about each ADVB frame traversing the optical link. It gives a clear representation of how the ARINC 818-2 application is performing, making it easy and highly accessible for users to track and troubleshoot anomalies quickly.

iWave offers a wide range of comprehensive ARINC 818-2 Solutions:

more information on: www.iwavesystems.com

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