LTC2971 2-Channel ±60 V Power System Manager

LTC2971 2-Channel ±60 V Power System Manager


Analog Devices’ DC2875A is a demonstration system for the LTC2971 power system manager that interfaces to various regulators.

ADI’s LTC2971, LTC2971-1, LTC2971-2, and LTC2971-3 are 2-channel high voltage power system managers used to sequence, trim (servo), margin, supervise, manage faults, provide telemetry, and log faults.

The DC2875A is a demonstration system for the LTC2971 power system manager that interfaces with various regulators. The board contains all the circuitry needed to demonstrate a power system that utilizes two 2-channel LTC2971 devices that manage four power supplies. The four power supplies include various switching regulators for demonstrating a variety of methods to sense voltage and current. The demo board provides a sophisticated 4-channel digitally programmable power supply system.


  • Natively sense and monitor negative voltage supplies, eliminating external level shift circuitry which saves cost, simplifies design, and improves accuracy
  • Internal EEPROM with ECC provides essential black box fault logging, allowing for faster failure analysis and system debug
  • ±0.25 % TUE differential ADC (sets trim, margin, and monitoring accuracy) improves the accuracy of 2 supplies, minimizing overdesign and cost, optimizing performance, and saving power

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