Maxim Integrated MAX16151 High Voltage Pushbutton On/Off Controller

Maxim Integrated MAX16151 High Voltage Pushbutton On/Off Controller

Maxim Integrated MAX16151 High Voltage Pushbutton On/Off Controller, featuring a switch debouncer and a latched output, is optimized for controlling system power. The MAX16151 can accept a noisy input from a mechanical switch and produce a clean, latched output. The device can also produce a one-shot interrupt output, in response to a switch closure exceeding the debounce period at PB_IN.

The MAX16151 operates from a supply range of +5V to +36V and consumes less than 15μA of supply current to ensure minimal battery current in low-power applications. The robust switch input (PB_IN) handles ±60V levels and is ±10kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) protected for use in harsh industrial environments. The 3V regulated latched output can serve as a logic signal to control a pass transistor or voltage regulator. A separate INT output provides a system interrupt whenever a valid pushbutton signal is detected. An asynchronous CLR input allows an external signal to force the latched output to the OFF state.

The Maxim Integrated MAX16151 Pushbutton On/Off Controller is available in a 6-bump Wafer-Level Package (WLP) and a 6-pin thin SOT23 package. the device operates over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range.


  • Up to +36V operating range
  • 0V regulated latched output
  • 10μA standby current (ISB)
  • Debounces noisy switches
    • 50ms and 2s debounce timing options
    • 8s and 16s shutdown periods
  • One-shot INT output on each switch closure
  • 32ms INT duration
  • Pushbutton input handle up to ±60V
  • ±10kV HMB ESD protection
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • Package options
    • SOT23-6
    • WLP-6

Application Circuit

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