Mini Speaker Attached Audio Amplifier using TS4871

Mini Speaker Attached Audio Amplifier using TS4871

This Mini Audio Power Amplifier is capable of delivering 1W of continuous RMS Output Power into 8 ohms load @ 5V. The Amplifier is built using TS4871 IC from ST.  This Audio Amplifier is exhibiting 0.1% distortion level (THD) from a 5V supply for a Pout = 250mW RMS. An external standby mode control reduces the supply current to less than 10nA. An internal thermal shutdown protection is also provided. The amplifier has been designed for high quality audio applications such as mobile phones, media players and portable device. The gain is set to 6dB but unity-gain stable amplifier can be configured by external gain setting resistor R4. 28mm ID hole provided for easy mounted of PCB directly on speaker.

Mini Speaker Attached Audio Amplifier using TS4871 – [Link]

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Jakson Lee

LM386N IC which is a low voltage audio power amplifier. using this you can make speakers that can connect with any device, such as Ipod, MP3 player, even your laptop and PC.

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