Multi-output Power Supply Based on LM2576HV-ADJ

Multi-output Power Supply Based on LM2576HV-ADJ


This is a multi-output power supply based on LM2576HV-ADJ and LM317 IC. The power supply provides 3 outputs with input supply up to 55V DC. Output (O1) is adjustable up to 24V DC and load current of 2A, Output (O2) is adjustable to 1.2V-24V with load current up to 500mA and Output (O3) adjustable 1.2V-24V @ 500mA. High voltage LM2576HV-ADJ converts 55V in 24V DC. This output is adjustable but advisable to set the output to 24V DC with help of Trimmer Pot PR1.

Multi-output Power Supply Based on LM2576HV-ADJ – [Link]

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