OnLogic Announces Four New Apollo Lake Pico-ITX SBCs

OnLogic Announces Four New Apollo Lake Pico-ITX SBCs

OnLogic (Formerly Logic supply) recently announced the launch of 4 new industrial SBCs based on Intel’s Apollo Lake Pico-ITX processors. The four boards; EPM163, EPM162, EPM161, and EPM160, combine small size (the Pico-ITX 3.9 x 2.8in form factor) with solid performance, with target use cases being diverse industrial applications.

The first board, EPM163, hosts the Quad-Core Intel Apollo Lake N4200 Pentium processor with 4GB of RAM, Intel HD 500 Graphics, and 64 GB onboard storage with support for two mini-PCIe slots (one shared with mSATA). Like all Apollo Lake generation processors, it offers up to a 30% performance boost over systems running on previous architectures and operates with low power consumption and reduced heat production.

For connectivity, the EPM163 features; a 9 pin RS232 box connector COM Port, a USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, a MicroSD card slot, two Gb LAN ports, as well as two mini-DisplayPorts capable of 1080p or 4k resolution, with processor support for up to three separate displays at once. The board also features both full-height and half-height mPCIe slots which ensure it can support wifi and 4G connectivity with ease. The board comes with 64 GB of eMMC storage, and up to 1 TB of onboard storage may be added through an mSATA slot (shared with the full-height mPCIe) or using the MicroSD Card slot.

The second board, the EPM162, features the Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3350 Dual-Core processor with 4GB of RAM, Intel HD 500 graphics, and 32 GB onboard storage for compact and efficient computing with support for two mini-PCIe slots (one shared with mSATA). It features the same type of connectivity/communication ports configuration as the EPM163 and also consumes low power since its processor is also based on the Apollo Lake generation.

The third board, the EPM161, is based on the same Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3350 processor used in the EPM162, but it features a 2GB RAM(4GB on EPM162) with an 8 GB(32GB on EPM162) onboard eMMC storage. It however also supports up to 1TB of additional storage via the MicroSD Card slot or through an mSATA slot (shared with the full-height mPCIe).


The fourth board, the EPM160, features the same dual-core Intel Celeron N335o processor and similar connectivity and performance specs as the EPM161 above with the major difference being a lesser RAM value of just 1 GB.

All four boards can be fully customized by the user to via the Onlogic product page which allows the user to select different options on configurations like Primary Storage size, Warranty years, and preloaded operating system options which include, the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, and several Ubuntu Desktop and Server OS options.

The boards are already available for sale with the EPM163 starting from $382, the EPM162 starting at $289, the EPM161 starting at $252, and the EPM160 starting at $220.

More information on the new boards can be found on the Onlogic’s product page.

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