OPTIGA™ Trust X – easy to integrate turnkey solution for IoT Security

OPTIGA™ Trust X – easy to integrate turnkey solution for IoT Security

OPTIGA™ Trust X is a security solution optimized for IoT devices to enable fast, secure, and easy connectivity to cloud services like AWS. It acts as the trust anchor for secured TLS connections and it protect the customers’ data and IP. It is extremely easy to integrate and work with even without knowledge on security, reducing design efforts for faster time-to-market. OPTIGA™ Trust X is a security solution based on a certified security controller. Each device is shipped with a unique elliptic-curve keypair and a corresponding X.509 certificate.

Now Infineon provides open source software libraries for its OPTIGATM Trust X, enabling easy access to its software. Both libraries and documentation are available as open source on GitHub: https://github.com/Infineon/optiga-trust-x

Customers benefit from a direct communication line to developers and will immediately and directly be informed of new versions, features and bug fixes. Be it the integration of standard open source crypto software libraries or the integration of the host code into other systems – both is easily possible now.

Further information: www.infineon.com/optiga-trust-x

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