OSRAM Opto Semiconductors SPL SxL90A LiDAR QFN Packaged SMT Lasers

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors SPL SxL90A LiDAR QFN Packaged SMT Lasers

Osram SPL SxL90A LiDAR QFN Packaged SMT Lasers are infrared high-power SMT components for LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) applications. This allows autonomous vehicles to “see” farther and more effectively. The AEC-Q102 qualified four-channel and single-channel pulse lasers offer a performance of 125W at 40A per channel and an efficiency of up to 33%. The single-channel-version (SPL S1L90A_3 A01) offers low thermal resistance of 31K/W, whereas the four-channel device (SPL S4L90A_3 A01) offers just 17K/W. This makes it easy for heat to dissipate from the components even at high currents.

The four-channel version features a chip with four emission areas that deliver an outstanding optical power at 480W. The laser enables a much longer detection range at a size of just 3.35mm x 2.45mm x 0.65mm. This makes it only slightly larger than the single-channel-version of size 2.0mm x 2.3mm x 0.65mm. The two high-power SMT lasers also enable short pulse widths of around 2ns.


  • 905nm laser wavelength
  • AEC-Q102 automotive qualified
  • High duty cycles and low Rth
  • 1- or 4-channel pulsed laser modules
  • Suited for short laser pulses from 1ns to 100ns
  • Up to 480W optical peak power (120W per channel)
  • SMT device

more information: www.osram.com

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