Sensirion SFA30-D-T is a formaldehyde detection module

Sensirion SFA30-D-T is a formaldehyde detection module

Formaldehyde Sensor Module for HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Applications

SFA30 is a formaldehyde detection module based on electrochemical sensing technology optimized for lowest false alarm rates. The SFA30 HCHO sensor has alow cross-sensitivity to ethanol and is optimized to operate in the low parts-per-billion (ppb)range to accurately detect low HCHO concentrations around the WHO reference value for rindoor exposure. Temperature and humidity compensation via an integrated Sensirion RHT sensor and an integrated microprocessor ensures reliable performance in changing indoor environments. The sensor can withstand adverse environmental conditions during storage, handling, and transportation.The robust sensor has a lifetime of 6 years due to its advanced anti-dry technology. Each SFA30 is factory-calibrated and can be easily integrated via I2C or UART interface into your device. The low power consumption allows for battery operation. This makes SFA30 a reliable, easy-to-use, and high-quality HCHO&RHT combo sensing solution.

Target applications

  • Real-time reading of HCHO gas concentration in parts per billion
  • Air Conditioners and Air Exchangers
  • Air Purifiers
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Key features

  • Lowcross-sensitivity to ethanol
  • Long-term stability and 6 years’ service life time
  • Patented electrochemical cell with anti-dry technology
  • I2C/UART interface with lifetime-calibrated output
  • Fully temperature and humidity compensated via Sensirion RHT sensor

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