TPS25750 – Highly integrated USB Type-C® and USB PD controller with pre-configured GUI

TPS25750 – Highly integrated USB Type-C® and USB PD controller with pre-configured GUI

Texas Instruments TPS25750 USB Type-C & Power Delivery (PD) Controller is optimized for applications supporting USB-C PD Power. The TPS25750 integrates fully managed power paths with robust protection for a complete USB-C PD solution. The Texas Instruments TPS25750 also integrates control for external battery charger ICs for added ease of use and reduced time to market. The intuitive web-based graphical user interface (GUI) will ask the user a few simple questions on the application’s needs using clear block diagrams and simple multiple-choice questions. As a result, the GUI will create the configuration image for the user’s application, reducing much of the complexity associated with competitive USB PD solutions.


  • Integrated fully managed power paths
    • Integrated 5V, 3A, 36mΩ sourcing switch (TPS25750S/D)
    • Integrated 28V, 7A, 16mΩ bi-directional load switch (TPS25750D only)
  • Standalone USB Type-C PD solution
    • No firmware development or external micro-controller needed
  • Integrated robust power path protection
    • Integrated reverse current protection, overvoltage protection, and slew rate control the high-voltage bi-directional power path
    • Integrated undervoltage and overvoltage protection and current limiting for inrush current protection for the 5V/3A source power path
    • 26V tolerant CC pins for robust protection when connected to non-compliant devices
  • Optimized for power applications
    • Integrated I2C control for TI battery chargers
    • Web-based GUI and pre-configured firmware
    • Optimized for power consumer only (sink) (UFP) applications
    • Optimized for power provider (source) and power consumer (sink) (DRP) applications
  • SB Type-C power delivery (PD) controller ten configurable GPIOs
    • BC1.2 charging support
    • USB PD 3.0 compliant
    • USB Type-C specification complaint
    • Cable attach and orientation detection
    • Integrated VCONN switch
    • Physical layer and policy engine
    • 3.3V LDO output for dead battery support
    • Power supply from 3.3V or VBUS source

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