Balanced Audio to Unbalance Converter


High quality low noise Balance to unbalanced converter designed around op-amps. The project can be used as balance to unbalance converter with on board audio level adjust potentiometer. The project work with +/-15V dual DC supply and draw approximately 100 mA. Board has separate screw terminal for Euro balance audio signal input connector. Dual LED provided for power indication. Input has RFI filter (Inductor)


  • XLR connectors for stereo audio input
  • Screw terminal for Euro Balance audio input standard
  • Onboard dual power LED
  • Supply dual 15 VDC @ 100 mA
  • Header connector for supply input
  • Header connector for audio output
  • Potentiometer for audio level adjust



Parts List




  • mithue

    this pcb top side not made as mirror.

    10 months ago
    • admin

      Are you going to print it on a transparency?

      10 months ago

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