Analog Devices Inc. LTC4249 Dual Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB)

Analog Devices Inc. LTC4249 Dual Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB)

Analog Devices Inc. LTC4249 Dual Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) provides independent overcurrent protection to a pair of loads. Each channel has a precision enable input, current monitor output, and ready status output. A single resistor configures the ECB threshold. If either channel detects an overcurrent condition, the corresponding breaker disconnects the input from the load.

After a circuit breaker event, the open-drain RDY status output of the Analog Devices Inc. LTC4249 pulls low, and the ECB latches off. Toggling the enable input turns the ECB back on after a 1-second cool-off period. The cool-off timer, overtemperature sensor, short-circuit detector, and inrush controller prevents operation outside the circuit breakers’ safe operating area.

The precision enable inputs, ready outputs, and analog current monitor outputs permit voltage sequencing and closed-loop bias current control applications. ECB channels may be paralleled as needed. Load isolation and reverse current detection applications are also possible.


  • High voltage dual SPST, current sharing allowed
  • 5% accurate analog current monitor outputs
  • Adjustable circuit breaker thresholds to 1.2A
  • Filtered (50μs) primary OC threshold
  • Fast (2μs) secondary OC threshold
  • 75mΩ integrated switches
  • Automatic inrush control
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Precision enable inputs
  • Open-drain, ready status outputs
  • 16-lead 3mm × 3mm LQFN and 12-lead (skipped lead) 3mm × 4mm LQFN

Typical Application

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