Capacitech Cable-Based Capacitor

Capacitech Cable-Based Capacitor


Capacitech Cable-Based Capacitor (CBC) offers a 1.6VDC rated voltage, 1.25A current rating, and 0.3mA maximum leakage current. The CBC is a flexible, wire-shaped supercapacitor that offers space and aesthetic advantages through the ability to be used as part of a product or system’s wiring infrastructure. This supercapacitor’s thin and flexible design allows it to be built inside of DC power cords, rather than be limited to a printed circuit board. Capacitech Cable-Based Capacitor is ideal for emergency lighting, automotive systems, energy harvesting, and renewable energy systems.


  • Flexible and wire-shape form factor
  • Use as part of wiring infrastructure
  • Cable-based backup power
  • Cable-based boost power
  • Size, space, aesthetic advantages
  • Electronics miniaturization


  • Peak power complement
  • Emergency lighting
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Automotive systems
  • IoT, automation, and security devices
  • Backup system
  • Energy harvesting
  • Advanced and smart metering

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