Knowles IA611 SmartMic Voice Wake Audio Processor

Knowles IA611 SmartMic Voice Wake Audio Processor


Knowles IA611 SmartMic Voice Wake Audio Processor features an “always-on” Processor providing a Voice Wake and Voice ID keyword detector, a two-second buffer, and Knowles’ proven high performance acoustic SiSonic™ MEMS microphone technology in a single, miniature, top-port package.

The Knowles IA611 SmartMic Voice Wake Audio Processor offers flexibility by supporting the most relevant audio and data interfaces. The IA611 provides integrated programmable DSP with 248kBytes of RAM available for customers and 3rd party algorithms, enabling unlimited creativity. The solution pushes the system performance to ultra-low-power with its custom core design and accelerates time to market with its highly integrated combination of hardware, software, and firmware.


  • High-accuracy Voice Wake and Voice ID keyword recognition to wake-up any system from a trigger phrase
  • Minimum latency when burst out two-second audio buffer using SPI
  • Ultra-low-power “always on” acoustic activity
  • Detector (AAD) capable waking the embedded DSP
  • Interrupt signal to the host processor when a voice keyword trigger is detected
  • Integrated power tree from a single 1.8V supply
  • Extra flexibility with I2C/UART interfaces
  • 248kB RAM, 160MFLOPS, 43MHz, 32-bit complex valued floating-point ALU, low-power open developer platform with SDK
  • High-performance acoustic SiSonic MEMS with ±1dB matched sensitivity, 65.5dB SNR and 132.5dB SPL AOP
  • Packaged in SPK 4.00 x 3.00 x 1.30mm

more information:,IA611-Ear

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