Lumileds LUXEON IR ONYX Broadband Infrared Emitters

Lumileds LUXEON IR ONYX Broadband Infrared Emitters


Lumileds LUXEON IR ONYX Broadband Infrared Emitters feature a continuous broadband Infra-Red (IR) emission from 650nm to 1100nm with good light output characteristics. These IR emitters come in industry-standard 2720 package and footprint for easy integration in the existing designs. The IR spectrum consists of a broad, flat emission without any peaks, and enables ease of calibration. These LUXEON IR ONYX emitters offer over 40mW radiant power, reducing exposure time. Typical applications include spectroscopy, machine vision, healthcare, and hyperspectral imaging.


  • Continuous broadband IR emission from 650nm to 1100nm
  • Over 40mW IR (600nm–1050nm) radiant power that reduces exposure time
  • More than 80µW/nm over a broad range of 750nm–1000nm
  • 2.75mm x 2.00mm package with a 2 pad configuration that is compatible with the industry common footprint
  • Robust and long lifetime phosphors
  • Flat spectrum that allows for ease of calibration

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