MAX17227A is a 2 A nanoPower boost converter

MAX17227A is a 2 A nanoPower boost converter


Maxim’s MAX17227A is a 400 mV to 5.5 V input, 2 A nanoPower boost converter with short-circuit protection and True Shutdown™

Maxim’s MAX17227A is a nanoPower boost converter, capable of delivering a load up to 2 A peak inductor current and providing True Shutdown, cycle-by-cycle inductor current limit, short-circuit, and thermal protection. During shutdown, current drawn from the input pin is 1 nA. The MAX17227A offers ultra-low quiescent current, small total solution size, and high efficiency throughout the load and line range. These features make it ideal for battery-powered applications where extended battery life is required and high efficiency is necessary at all power levels.


  • 350 nA quiescent supply current from output
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • True shutdown mode: 1 nA shutdown current
  • 96% peak efficiency, 90% or higher at 500 µA

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