Move-X Cicerone LoRa®/GNSS Board

Move-X Cicerone LoRa®/GNSS Board

Move-X Cicerone LoRa®/GNSS Board is a high-performance, low-power, Arduino MKR-compatible development board based on the MAMWLE LoRa Module and the u-blox MAX-M10S GNSS Module. The Cicerone Board delivers best-in-class GNSS, long-range wireless connection, and high-performance MCU processing in a low-power solution for optimal battery life.

The Cicerone Board allows users to build tracking applications worldwide with meter-level accuracy and to communicate long-range, low-power data via LoRaWAN®. The integrated Li-Po charging circuit enables the Cicerone Board to manage battery charging through the USB port.

The Move-X Cicerone LoRa/GNSS Board features a compact 63mm x 25mm form factor and is compatible with all Arduino MKR Shield Boards. These boards all share a common pinout to enable developers to easily add expansions with minimal software changes.


  • 63mm x 25mm PCB
  • 2x push buttons: Reset, User)
  • 2x LEDs: Battery charging status (Red), User (Green)
  • Headers compatible with Arduino MKR pinout
    • SWD signals for debugging
    • RESET, BOOT0
    • +3.3V output (LDO)
    • +5V input
    • +5V output (internally MUXed between USB and +5V input)
    • VREF output
    • GNSS module’s UART (allows firmware update)
    • I2C shared by LoRa and GNSS module
    • Up to 22 digital GPIO
    • Inputs for ADC
    • PWM outputs
  • Interfaces
    • USB micro for UART, RESET/BOOT0 driver, supply input, battery charge @200mA
    • Connector for single-cell 3.7V Li-Po battery (battery shall include protection circuitry against SC, OD, OC)
    • 10-pin JTAG/SWD Debug connector for ST-LINK
    • U.FL antenna connector for GNSS L1
    • U.FL antenna for LoRaWAN®
  • Key components
    • Move-X MAMWLE Low Power Radio Module
    • u-blox MAX-M10S GNSS Module
    • Microchip Technology MCP73831 Charge Management Controller
    • Silicon Labs CP2102N USBXpress™ USB-to-UART Bridge Controller

Board Layout

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“Connector for single-cell 3.7V Li-Po battery (battery shall include protection circuitry against SC, OD, OC)”

What? There’s a battery charge controller on-board yet they cheap-out and do not bother to include a cell protection IC? That’s terrible!

They should have put a nine-cent BRCL3130ME protection chip [1] on the board. Then any cell can be used with it, not just cells with built-in protection. The BRCL3130ME is like the ubiquitous DW01 protection chip [2] but with the two external MOSFETs built-in.

* References:

1. BRCL3130ME

2. DW01

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