MP6650 Single-Phase BLDC Motor Driver features multiple protections

MP6650 Single-Phase BLDC Motor Driver features multiple protections


MPS’ 18 V 2 A motor driver features include input OVP, UVLO, RD protection, thermal shutdown, and input reverse protection

MPS’ MP6650 single-phase brushless DC motor driver has integrated power MOSFETs and a Hall effect sensor. The device drives single-phase brushless DC fan motors with up to 2 A of output current. The IC has a 3.3 V to 18 V input voltage range and input line reverse-voltage protection (RVP) to save the external diode on the supply line. The device controls the rotational speed through the PWM signal on the PWM pin. It has a rotational speed detection feature and rotor lock fault indication on the frequency generator (FG)/rotor deadlock (RD) pin with open-drain output. The output speed versus the input duty curve can be configured easily for flexible use.

The MP6650 features a soft on/off phase transition and an automatic phase-lock function of the motor winding BEMF and current to reduce audible fan driver noise and power loss. Full protection features include input overvoltage protection (OVP), undervoltage lockout (UVLO), RD protection, thermal shutdown, and input reverse protection. The MP6650 requires a minimal number of external components to save solution cost and is available in TSOT23-6-L, TSOT23-6-R, TSOT23-6-SL, and TSOT23-6-RSL packages.


  • Embedded Hall sensor with high sensitivity
  • Wide 3.3 V to 18 V operating input range
  • Up to 2 A configurable current limit
  • Integrated power MOSFETs: total 740 mΩ (HS-FET and LS-FET)
  • Configurable speed curve
  • Built-in adjustable speed curve corner setting
  • Automatic phase-lock detection of winding BEMF and current zero-crossing
  • Soft on/off phase transition
  • Rotational speed indicator FG signal
  • 2 kHz to 100 kHz PWM input frequency range
  • Fixed 26 kHz output switching frequency
  • Input line RVP
  • RD protection
  • Thermal protection and automatic recovery
  • Built-in input OVP, UVLO, and automatic recovery
  • Available in TSOT23-6-L, TSOT23-6-R, TSOT23-6-SL, and TSOT23-6-RSL packages

Internal Diagram

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