Peak Smart Lamp – Grow Daily

Peak Smart Lamp – Grow Daily

Peak is a smart lamp that combines light, encouraging messages and a personal improvement algorithm to help you form better habits.

Peak is the first smart lamp that helps people form better habits in small, progressive steps.

Developing new habits is challenging. We often resist change, even when it’s good for us. Peak cuts through this resistance in three ways:

First, it gives good habits a physical place in your environment: a glowing lamp that gently attracts attention.

Second, Peak interacts with you using brief and encouraging messages that rapidly build motivation.

Third, Peak deliberately takes your goal and turns it into small daily steps that won’t be overcome by natural resistance.

Peak Smart Lamp – Grow Daily – [Link]

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Indeed breaking down goals into smaller steps and having beautiful remainders is a great way to make things seem more achieveable. I think there is great potential for true change here.


WoW!!! Technology goes on improving day by day. Peak smart lamp is just superb product. waiting for the product!!!!


This lamp helps in building motivation and helps in bringing attention..!
Thanks for the valuable share..!

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