Pocket Op Amp Lab powered by AVR128DB28

Pocket Op Amp Lab powered by AVR128DB28


This is a self-contained tool to allow you to experiment with the configurable op amps provided in the new AVR DB-series processors from Microchip. It shows the configuration as a circuit diagram on the display, and lets you reconfigure it by selecting options from on-screen menus. The display is dynamically updated to reflect the configuration you have selected. by David Johnson-Davies:

It’s based on an Adafruit 240×135 colour TFT display, and an AVR128DB28 microcontroller. This provides two configurable op amps, each of which can be used to amplify low-level signals up to logic levels, or to process the output from the chip’s DAC output. As you press the buttons to change a menu option, the op amp settings are also updated dynamically. So, for example, if you’re using an op amp to amplify an audio signal you’ll hear the volume change as you step between the MUXWIP options, which determine the op amp gain.

In a future article I plan to feature an Op Amp Cookbook, describing a series of projects based on the Pocket Op Amp Lab to demonstrate some interesting applications of the configurable op amps in the AVR DB series.

Pocket Op Amp Lab powered by AVR128DB28 – [Link]

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