Portenta C33: The new high-performance, low-price Arduino

Portenta C33: The new high-performance, low-price Arduino


The Portenta C33 is born into an extensive ecosystem that comes with a variety of components that easily combine

This business-oriented unit stands at industrial clients’ side with a growing ecosystem of high-performance, reliable, secure products that aim to provide the right solution for every need big and small companies may have, in any field and at any stage of their growth.

The Portenta C33, the module, that Arduino is introducing at Embedded World 2023 – leverages the R&D carried out for previous Portenta modules, streamlining features to offer a cost-effective option to users starting out with Industrial IoT or automation, or those who have more specific, targeted needs than the H7 or X8 cater to.

Is the Portenta C33 right for you? Check out its main tech specs:

  • Arm® Cortex®-M33 microcontroller by Renesas
  • MicroPython and other high-level programming languages are supported
  • Onboard Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity
  • Secure element for industrial-grade security at the hardware level
  • Secure OTA firmware updates (connecting to Arduino IoT Cloud or third-party services)
  • Compatible with Portenta, MKR, and Nicla components
  • Castellated pins
  • Wide variety of peripheral interfaces, including CAN, SAI, SPI, and I2C

Find all the information at Arduino

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