Seeeduino Crypto Board features ATmega4809 & ECC608

Seeeduino Crypto Board features ATmega4809 & ECC608

As the name indicates, this board is born for encryption. Seeeduino Crypto is based on high-performance ATmega4809 and featured with Microchip ECC608 crypto chip. With the help of the ECC608 crypto chip, you can experience encrypted communication, such as I2C encryption.

Along with the encryption, Seeeduino Crypto is functionally the same as the Seeeduino V4.2 / Arduino Uno Rev3. It has wealth interface resources, including 6 analog input pins, 14 digital I/O – 5 of which can work as PWM output, not to mention, as part of the Seeeduino family Seeeduino Crypto comes with 2 Grove I2C port and 1 Grove UART Port. Now the whole Grove system is yours, you can play with hundreds of sensors and actuators simply by plugging.

The control solution Seeeduino Crypto is the same as ARDUINO UNO WIFI REV2. The difference is that Seeeduino Crypto does not have onboard WIFI. You can add an Arduino wifi module if necessary. Correspondingly, the price of Seeeduino Crypto is less than half of ARDUINO UNO WIFI REV2.


  • High-performance ATmega4809 microcontroller
  • High-securitycryptographic Chip ECC608, supports SHA-256 & HMAC Hash / AES-128
  • 2 Grove I2C + 1 Grove UART, easy to prototype
  • Type C power supply + data transmit


The board is on sale on Seeestudio for $19.90 USD from the CN warehouse.

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