Sensirion SHT4x Smart Gadget measures Humidity and Temperature

Sensirion SHT4x Smart Gadget measures Humidity and Temperature


Sensirion SHT4x Smart Gadget is a simple reference design circuit board that demonstrates the performance and ease of use of Sensirion SHT4x Humidity and Temperature Sensors. This device features a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with humidity and temperature information. It also is equipped with a BLUETOOTH® Low Energy (BLE) module that enables communication with BLE-capable devices such as smartphones. This kit includes the Sensirion SHT4x Smart Gadget equipped with an SHT40 sensor, LCD, push-button, and BLE-capable MCU module, including battery and supports, as well as app download information and detailed hardware design resources.

MyAmbience – App


  • Simple reference design circuit board
  • For use with Sensirion SHT4x Humidity and Temperature Sensors
  • LCD with humidity, temperature, and dew point in °C and °F
  • BLE connectivity
  • iOS and Android MyAmbience app available for remote access
  • Data logging and export capabilities
  • Detailed hardware design resources available

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