This MintyCharger Is Designed For All 9V PP3 Batteries In The Market

This MintyCharger Is Designed For All 9V PP3 Batteries In The Market


With the increase in the demand for 9V PP3 batteries, there is a significant need for an efficient charger. One might be able to find several PP3 batteries that are manufactured majority being NiMH, however, there is an alternative of Li-Ion batteries. This has made it difficult to get a suitable charger for your rechargeable PP3 batteries. Some battery chargers provide 7.2V up to 9.6V but are limited to certain battery chemistry. This new product, MintyCharger, is an invention to solve this confusion and chaos. For those looking for a single battery charger that can work on every single PP3 battery out there in the market, this will work seamlessly through its compact form fact.

There are several things that you can look for while buying a battery charger for your 9V PP3 batteries, one of which is avoidance of overcharging of batteries. To resolve this, MintyCharger comes with a refresh function that allows the hardware to perform a full discharge/charge cycle. This helps to improve battery life when several chargers in the market abuse them by over-discharge. Looking at the internals of this battery charger, we noticed that it works on the Microchip PIC16F18325-I/SL as the main controller. With this 8-bit microcontroller getting 14KB flash memory is capable of supplying 7.2V, 8.4V, 9.6V outputs for NiMH batteries while 7.4V for Li-Ion batteries.

MintyCharger Custom PCB

In the current/voltage sensing part of the circuitry, the hardware is designed with two operational amplifiers LM258ADR. Both the operational amplifiers are in negative feedback with one being through a feedback resistor. There are also two 8-bit serial-in parallel-out shift registers for the configuration indicators that are connected to 11 LEDs onboard. This detailed internal circuitry helps us to understand the efficient and compact design to charge all the 9V PP3 batteries.

“The charger can be powered from any regular USB port using a Micro-B cable.”

The MintyCharger is priced at $18.90 for the assembled board and $24.90 for the assembled board with Altoids tin. If you are interested in buying the product, head to the Tindie product page. However, if you buy the charger, the manufacturer has provided a detailed guide for the setup.

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