Ultra-Small RX651 MCU package for Compact IoT Connectivity Modules

Ultra-Small RX651 MCU package for Compact IoT Connectivity Modules


RX651 32-Bit MCUs with up to 2MB Flash/640KB SRAM with Various Security Features. Renesas Electronics has added four new RX651 32-bit microcontrollers to its portfolio, in ultra-small 64-pin (4.5×4.5mm) BGA and 64-pin (10x10mm) LQFP packages. by Julien Happich @ eenewseurope.com

This represents a 59% footprint reduction compared to the 100-pin LGA, and a 49% size reduction versus the 100-pin LQFP, claims the company. The 32-bit MCUs address advanced security needs for endpoint devices employing compact sensor and communication modules in industrial, network control, building automation, and smart metering systems operating at the IoT edge. The RX651 MCUs integrate connectivity, Trusted Secure IP (TSIP), and trusted flash area protection that enable flash firmware updates in the field through secure network communications. The increase in endpoint devices operating at the edge has increased the need for secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. The new RX651 devices support this reprogramming requirement with integrated TSIP, enhanced flash protection, and other technology advancements that offer a more secure and stable solution than other available solutions on the market.

Key Features

  • RXv2 Core 120 MHz operation (34 CoreMark/mA)
  • 2.7 to 3.6 V operation
  • A wide package lineup : 64-pin (4.5mm x 4.5mm, BGA) to 176-pin
  • Equipped with various communication interfaces such as Ethernet,USB, CAN, SD host/slave interface, and quad SPI.
  • Program Flash up to 2 MB, SRAM up to 640 KB
    • DualBank function convenient for firmware update *1
  • HMI
    • TFT-LCD controller and 2D drawing engine can reduce CPU load at running of LCD display.*1
  • Security
    • Equipped with memory protect functions that protect Flash memory from unintended access to flash
    • Equipped with a trusted secure IP that protects key data from disclosure *1
    • Equipped with various encryption engines : AES, TRNG, TDES *1, RSA*1, SHA*1

Renesas Electronics – www.renesas.com

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