DevKit supports AI on laptops, smartphones

DevKit supports AI on laptops, smartphones


Gyrfalcon DevKit Simplifies Edge AI, Providing a complete suite of hardware and software tools for AI Model Creation.

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI), the world’s leading developer of low-cost, low-power, high-performance Artificial Intelligence (AI) processors from Edge to Cloud, today announced its DevKit, a set of development resources which makes it possible for smaller companies to achieve AI acceleration on existing devices such as smartphones, computers or industrial equipment. The cost-effective kit includes self-guiding online resources and two PLAI™ (“People Learning AI”) accessories that can run applications created to deliver Edge AI in devices using GTI’s first-generation chip, the Lightspeeur® 2801S.

Our DevKit is GTI’s response to companies and developers creating offerings for Edge AI. From large, household-name electronics manufacturers to small companies looking to use the right technology to create AI models independently, everybody can “Plai’ with AI,” said Marc Naddell, VP of Marketing & Sales, GTI. “With today’s launch, we are now able to offer a more diverse and flexible ecosystem of AI solutions.

The PLAI accessories are designed to be simple enough to use by non-experts:

  • The PLAI™Plug is a USB3.0 dongle that plugs into laptops and other devices running a Windows, Linux or Android operating system. The PLAI™ Plug provides the AI accelerator to support applications developed by third parties that would run on a compatible laptop. Some examples include improving image resolution, transferring the style of a photo into that of a famous painter’s style or classifying images.
  • The PLAI™ Wifi is a small, wireless accessory that provides 14GB of secure storage, pairs with Android or iOS smartphones, and supports image classification, low-light image enhancements and other AI capabilities to demonstrate the power of GTI’s accelerator chips running locally on existing smartphones. The companion demo app (AI Buddy) includes several AI experiences such as the “Night Vision Filter,” which enhances dark photos with brightness and color.

Developers can write applications for the two PLAI™ accessories, which, when embedded with an AI model, can enrich existing devices with Edge AI-based experiences. This means users don’t need to upgrade their laptops or phones to a new, high-end model to experience Edge AI.

Along with the PLAI accessories, the DevKit provides access to online resources to facilitate AI model creation. These include documentation, a forum and the PLAI™ Builder, a lightweight AI training and modeling platform. Together, these assets provide users with everything needed to create commercial-grade AI models for GTI chipsets.

The DevKit is available directly from GTI. The PLAI™ Wifi device will also be made available as a standalone to be sold by a partner retailer (sign up to get notified).


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