Allegro ACS724 & ACS725 – Differential current sensor

Allegro ACS724 & ACS725 – Differential current sensor

Differential current sensor – ACS724/725 SOIC8 sensor, galvanically isolated with common-mode field rejection. [via]

The ACE-Q100 qualified differential Current Sensor ACS724 (5V)/ACS725 (3.3V) is a Current Sensor IC in SOIC8-package (automotive qualified) which is designed for application where small footprint, high sensing accuracy and independence of magnetic field noise is required. With its industry leading noise performance, a bandwidth of 120kHz and a primary conductor resistance of 1.2 mOhm it suits perfectly into Automotive applications due to its accurate sensing output and low power consumption.

The sensor is certified from -40 to 150°C operating temperature and can measure a current up to +/- 50 Amps. The differential sensed current provides common-mode field rejection. That improves accuracy in magnetically noisy environments significantly.

Isolation voltage of 2400VRMS allows conducting of up to 420Vpk or DC on primary side. ACS724/25 in different packages are in development and are available shortly. These different packages allow isolation voltages up to 4800V.


  • Braking, including brake by wire and parking
  • Low power steering applications
  • Fluid and fuel pump applications
  • DCDC and ACDC Converters requiring operation on high side
  • Seat warmers on the main battery
  • Protection of brush and brushless-DC motors for chassis and in cabin application
  • Protection of loudspeakers for automotive enter- and infotainment
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