ATTO – The World’s Smallest Arduino Compatible Board

ATTO – The World’s Smallest Arduino Compatible Board

Atto is the world’s smallest Arduino compatible board! It is based on the ATmega32U4 microcontroller and comes with reset push-button as well as an RGB (rainbow) LED controlled by 3 PWM channels.

The new Arduino board is 10.3 mm x 11.5 mm (0.40” x 0.45”) and it has an onboard reset button as well as an RGB (rainbow) LED. There are 16 pins (1.27 mm/0.25” pitch) and the board consists of 12 + 3 (RGB LED) digital I/O, 4 + 3 (RGB LED) PWM, and 4 analog input channels. Supported interfaces on the board include USB, SPI, I2C (TWI), and ISP.

There are also available two different types of breadboard friendly expansion boards and all products from are available for pre-order.

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That is about 6mm larger in diameter than this largest side and circular, so also more surface area. It’s also a mini rather than a micro, so less capable processor.


Looks like Atto is smaller by approximately half the footprint than AtomDuino. AtomDuino has has a diameter of 17 mm (227 mm²) and Atto is 10.3 mm x 11.5 mm (118 mm²) 😀


Meh… 14$ for an 8 bit MPU and nothing more… And then you also have to buy an adapter if you want to use it on a breadboard… (or you need to buy expensive fine pitch headers to solder it on a PCB…)

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