GW16146 802.11ah HaLow WiFi Mini-PCIe Radio

GW16146 802.11ah HaLow WiFi Mini-PCIe Radio

Gateworks is proud to announce the GW16146 802.11ah HaLow Mini-PCIe radio for the industrial internet of things (IoT) applications. It uses the Silex SX-NEWAH module, which is based on the Newracom NRC7292 System-on-Chip. The GW16146 brings all the advantages of 802.11ah to the Gateworks rugged and industrial single board computers.

802.11ah, often called Wi-Fi HaLow, is a new standard that uses Sub-1GHz frequencies to provide a longer range at lower power consumption. It can support 1000’s of clients with WPA-3 security. By utilizing a standard TCP/IP framework, no special code or SDKs are required. With everything being open source and unlicensed, no costly consortium memberships are required.

802.11ah HaLow Mini-PCIe Radio Highlights:

  • Long Range
  • Unlicensed frequency band – Sub 1-GHz
  • Standard TCP/IP Framework – No special software is needed
  • Low Power
  • WPA-3 Security
  • Supports 1000’s of clients
  • Open software standard
  • Drivers and software pre-loaded on Gateworks SBCs

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