IoT startup Everactive explores the potential of batteryless IoT development kit for all

IoT startup Everactive explores the potential of batteryless IoT development kit for all

California-based IoT startup Everactive has announced the release of an ultra-low-power semiconductor and wireless IoT development kit with the ability to operate without a battery. This enables developers to leverage their onboard power to operate in distributed edge locations and also easily scale their Internet of Things applications without the constraints of any battery or power supply.

Everactive has included a development kit with two of the company’s patented batteryless IoT devices, each with a sensor suite that can simultaneously measure temperature, pressure, and a triaxial accelerator. The IoT development kit uses a low-power indoor photovoltaic harvester as the only power source which makes it a batteryless IoT device. The hardware platform is capable of measuring and wirelessly transmitting data down to every 15 seconds.

“Our core breakthroughs in ultra-low-power wireless systems have overcome both the battery problems and networking issues that have plagued the IoT,” said Dr. Benton Calhoun, co-founder, and co-CTO at Everactive. “With that as the foundation, we then built an entire data delivery system specifically designed to manage the massive influx of new real-world data sets only made possible by batteryless technology. Ultimately, it is that data— and the derived insights— that matters to our developers and their end users.”

Everactive is achieving batteryless IoT hardware design through its patented energy harvesting solution that generates all the required power from multiple low-level energy harvesting sources, including indoor solar, thermal gradients, RF, vibration, and more. For seamless wireless communication, the company developed a mix of standard-compliant and proprietary integrated radios for broad data rates of up to several Mbps and communication ranges of kilometers.

Everactive Evernet is a wireless networking solution designed for high-density batteryless devices that takes advantage of the company’s always-on ultra-low-power receive that reduces power consumption while supporting thousands of devices with millisecond latency and 250+ meter non-line-of-sight range.

For more information on the product, you can consider reserving a spot for the evaluation kit. Everactive has started accepting orders for the batteryless IoT development kit and will begin shipping in November. According to public information, the hardware kit is sold at $599 which includes 2x ENV+ Eversensor, 1x USB Evergateway, and unlimited user accounts.

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