MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 7 platforms, the Filogic 880, and the Filogic 380 will meet the industry’s growing connectivity demands

MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 7 platforms, the Filogic 880, and the Filogic 380 will meet the industry’s growing connectivity demands


The Taiwan-based fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek, announces its Wi-Fi 7 platforms, Filogic 880 and Filigoc 380, which offer high-bandwidth applications in the operator, retail, enterprise, and consumer electronics industries. The IEEE 802.11be, also known as the 7th generation of Wi-Fi, is an extremely high throughput wireless network that makes use of 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz frequency bands. Wi-Fi 7 makes use of modern technology to boost overall capacity, reduce latency, and improve performance for all devices.

The Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Intelligent Connectivity business at MediaTek, Alan Hsu says,

“Our wireless connectivity solutions are designed to deliver the fastest performance using the most advanced technologies, and represent MediaTek’s commitment to driving Wi-Fi 7 adoption in a large number of new markets. With Filogic 880 and Filogic 380, our customers can deliver fast, reliable, and always-on connected experiences to meet the industry’s growing connectivity demands.”

The Filogic 880 platform

Combining Wi-Fi 7 access points with an advanced host processor, MediaTek’s Filogic 880 is a complete platform that offers the best of the industry router and gateway solutions for the operator, retail, and enterprise markets. The powerful host processor of the platform includes a quad-core Arm Cortex-A73 and an advanced NPU. Some of its key attributes include:

  • Incorporation of a networking crypto engine (EIP-197) for accelerating IPSec, SSL/TLS, DTLS (CAPWAP), SRTP and MACsec
  • High-speed interfaces such as 5Gbps USB and 10Gbps PCI-Express are supported
  • Its scalable architecture can accommodate up to pentaband 4×4 at 36Gbps.
  • The Filogic 880 platform supports Wi-Fi technologies such as 4096-QAM, 320MHz, MRU and MLO
  • Offers support for up to 10Gbps per channel.

MediaTek Filogic 880 Specs

The Filogic 380 platform

A combination of the single-chip 6nm Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.3, the Filogic 380 is designed to offer the best connectivity. Owing to the Filogic 380 platform, all client devices, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, notebooks, set-top boxes, and OTT streaming devices, will now have access to the Wi-Fi 7 technology. Some of its key features include:

  • Supports Wi-Fi technologies such as 4096-QAM, 320MHz, MRU and MLO
  • Features the latest Bluetooth 5.3 with LE Audio
  • Dual 2×2 radios are supported for dual-band simultaneous operation
  • Supports 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz frequency bands
  • MLOs with speeds up to 6.5Gbps are supported
  • Offers support for up to 5Gbps per channel

MediaTek Filogic 380

MediaTek is one of the first adopters of the Wi-Fi 7 technology, which will soon prove to be the backbone of PAN, LAN, and WAN networks to provide seamless connectivity from multi-player applications to 4K calls 8K streaming, and beyond. For more information on the company’s Wi-Fi 7 platforms, kindly visit their press release page.

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